San Antonians speak out against U.S. Olympic uniforms

Uniforms made in China sparking outrage

Author: Justin Horne, Meteorologist/Reporter,
Published On: Jul 13 2012 05:37:16 PM CDT   Updated On: Jul 13 2012 05:39:57 PM CDT

When it comes to the controversial U.S. Olympic team’s uniforms, San Antonians are calling for a change.

"I think they should do something to make a change. I don't think it’s right that they wear something that's made in another country like that,” said Sandy Naccarato.

"It needs to be made in America," added Ross Cox.

That sentiment appeared to be shared by everyone KSAT 12 talked to on Friday.

But it was not just Ralph Lauren in the line of fire -- politicians took some heat too.

"The Senators or all of those politicians are involved now, trying to say it’s a travesty and all this and it’s that. They don't have a problem taking money from China, but they have a problem with uniforms being made in China. So I think it’s all just politics," said David Agubro.

Politics aside, what about the look of the uniform?

"Well, I like the color because I like Ralph Lauren and, of course, I like the red, white and blue," said Barbara Dunn.

“I think they're nice looking, but couldn’t we make those in America?” asked Linda Reynolds.

It is a question that will likely be debated until the Olympics arrive on July 27. The U.S. Olympic Committee defended the choice in a statement:

"We're proud of our partnership with Ralph Lauren, an iconic American company, and excited to watch America's finest athletes compete at the upcoming Games in London."