The San Antonio and Bexar County Head Start program began accepting applications Tuesday for the fall 2013-spring 2014 school year.

Eligible children, ages 3 and 4, and their families may apply to receive free early childhood education, as well as dental, health, nutritional, mental, disability, and family support. Transportation services are also available on a limited basis depending on school district residency requirements.

“Head Start provides a crucial step up for eligible children so they are prepared for academic success when they enter kindergarten,” Human Services Department Interim Director Melody Woosley said.  “It combines school readiness with strong family supports to help children succeed both in and out of the classroom.”

Parents interested in applying for Head Start Program services for their children should contact their appropriate assigned providers.

For more information on Head Start Program services, eligibility criteria, and to find a provider, contact the City of San Antonio at (210) 206-5500 or visit Head Start’s website at

Last year, Head Start enrolled and served 6,789 children and their families at 102 education centers in the San Antonio area.