A San Antonio neighborhood just off General McMullen Drive is rallying together to fight crime.

West Side resident Yvonne Hernandez was at work, her husband was gone and her two children were at school when thieves broke into their home.

“They stole over $8,000 dollars worth of items from our home,” said Hernandez. “They ransacked everything and it just leaves you with a very ugly feeling.”

Her story is not unique, however, in her neighborhood off General McMullen there have been 12 home and vehicle burglaries since June 1.

“Neighbors are just upset and angry, because you work so hard for your stuff and then you just feel violated,” said Marie Sanchez, who lives near Hernandez.

But neighbors are determined not to take it anymore. They’ve banded together, promising each other to look out for suspicious characters and re-start a long disbanded neighborhood watch.

That’s good news for Yvonne Hernandez and her children. She said she only wants to tell them, sincerely, that they’re safe.

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