In addition to fighting crime, some San Antonio police officers are also hitting the streets to get healthy.

More than a dozen active officers say they have joined the SAPD Careers Running Team. The group gets together, trains and runs in organized races.

"We felt that this team would be beneficial to the department," said Officer Yvonne Padilla with the San Antonio Police Department. "It also gives us an opportunity to participate and be active."

"It's awesome," said SAPD patrolman John Seaton. "It's the unity. It's what being a police officer is all about."

San Antonio police officials said the running team is part of their effort in getting the department to be more fitness-oriented, but it also has been a great recruiting tool.

"If they are traveling, doing a run in Austin or in New Orleans, they are going to wear our shirts," said Padilla. "That's reaching out to potential applicants. It's something that we benefit from."

Although all the running takes place outside of work, Seaton said it also helps on the job.

"You never know when you might get into a foot chase or some other serious event where you need to be in shape," said Seaton.

The SAPD Careers Running Team will be participating at the City Manager's 5K Run on Saturday.

The group will also be hosting a career day at San Antonio College on March 2, from 10 a.m. to 3p.m.

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