San Antonio police: Thieves used kids to cover up burglary ring

SAPD Sergeant: 'This is a sad situation when they are using children in a stroller'; Marisella Portales, Andrew Moncada arrested

Published On: Sep 28 2012 02:22:41 AM CDT   Updated On: Sep 28 2012 08:08:30 AM CDT

Two people identified as Marisella Portales, 21, and Andrew Moncada, 20, are accused of using young children in a stroller as part of their cover for a home burglary ring, San Antonio police say.

San Antonio police say neighbors reported seeing Moncada carrying a plasma TV in the 100 block of Gilbert Lane. The couple was also seen with a toddler and a newborn in a stroller.

Police believe the stroller was being used to make it appear as if the family was out for a walk, but several stolen items were inside the stroller as well.

Those stolen items were then passed off to people walking by, San Antonio police said. "This is a pretty sad situation when they are using children in a stroller to facilitate their crime," said Sgt. Javier Salazar with the San Antonio Police Department.

San Antonio police recovered several electronic items during the arrest and say at least five or six people were involved in the burglary ring.

Portales and Moncada have been charged with burglary, but were not expected to face child endangerment charges.