Twenty-five schools across San Antonio received a visit from physicians on Wednesday as part of National Doctor’s Day. 

The UT Health Science Center physicians ranged in specialties from neurosurgery to radiology.

At Whittier Middle School, the guest speaker was Dr. David Jimenez, a well-known pediatric neurosurgeon with UT Medicine San Antonio.

"This is a very critical age for these children and sometimes, a little spark of inspiration is all that's needed to realize what their future will be,” said Jimenez.

Jimenez discussed his journey into the profession and took questions from students about his profession.

"It helps us to see what's out there and helps us to know what kind of career fields is out there,” said attendee and Whittier Middle School student Roman Gonzales.

"Even if it inspires one kid, then it’s definitely worth the time and effort,” said Jimenez.

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