San Antonio towing fees to increase 108%

Rates increase from $85 to $177 on Feb. 10

Author: Stephanie Serna, Reporter,
Published On: Jan 31 2013 09:55:21 PM CST   Updated On: Feb 01 2013 02:15:22 AM CST
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In a little more than a week, if you get towed, what you pay to get your car may be a lot higher than you are used to dishing out.

On Thursday, the city council approved new costs for towing, which is more than double the current rate.

"The reason it's outrageous is because it is such a huge jump," said Melissa Marquez, who had to pick up her husband on Thursday after he was involved in an accident and had to get his truck towed.

Marquez said while they have insurance to pay for repairs and for their truck to get towed, they are a little concerned about the new cost of towing in the city.

"If we hadn't had insurance, I don't' know if we would be able to afford that set back," said Marquez. "I'm sure everybody is on a tight budget and so are we."

The new ordinance increases the fee from $85 to $177, which is an increase of 108 percent.

However, city officials said the current tow rate fee hasn't changed since 2002. With inflation and the cost of fuel, the city's public safety committee recommended to raise the fee.

"I still think that the fee is too steep," said Mark Araya, who had his car towed a few years ago. "And, they have to do something about it

The new towing fees go into effect February 10. Araya said he's not taking any chances and will be keeping a close eye on parking signs.

"Sometimes they make it low so, you can't see it," said Araya. "It's a trap I think sometimes."

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