A San Antonio woman identified in court documents as Julia Garcia is suing Walmart because she claims a cashier and manager intentionally ripped two of her $100 bills because they suspected the money was fake.

According to Courthouse News Service, Garcia said in court documents she was Christmas shopping for her children on Dec. 12, 2010 when she tried to pay for her items.

Courthouse News Service reported Garcia gave the cashier a $100 bill and $50 bill, but the cashier told Garcia the $100 was a fake and ripped it up in front of her. Garcia said the cashier inspected the bill, but did not perform any counterfeit tests.

Garcia then reportedly asked for a manager and pulled out another $100 bill to prove the previous one was not a fake. Garcia claimed in court documents the manager agreed with the cashier and ripped up the second $100 bill as well.

Walmart then called San Antonio police and the employees detained the woman for up to two hours at the store while officers arrived.

Courthouse News Service reports San Antonio police tested the money and confirmed the bills were real. Court documents also stated the cashier used a counterfeit detection pen and the mark indicated the first bill was real, but the cashier told Garcia the store was keeping the money.

San Antonio police told the Walmart employees to replace the ripped up bills with new ones.

Courthouse News Service reports Garcia filed her complaint on Sept. 7, 2012 in Bexar County, and is seeking damages, claiming employees falsely imprisoned her and caused her intentional emotional distress.