San Antonio city officials said they are not taking any chances with the public's safety during Fiesta.

Dollar Night at the carnival is Wednesday, and with the official kick-off of Fiesta on Thursday, the city of San Antonio is doing everything it can to make sure the event is safe.

The city is already discussing ways to beef up security with the help of the San Antonio Police and Fire departments.

Fire Chief Charles Hood says his firefighters are well-trained and ready to respond.

"We want the citizens of San Antonio to rest assured (that) we have a robust response system that is prepared to respond to events such as this ... and that security will be very high," Hood said. "Hopefully, that will never happen in San Antonio, but we are prepared for it."

Hood says you can help make Fiesta safe by keeping your eyes open for anything out of the ordinary and reporting any suspicious activity.

As for the San Antonio Police Department, Chief William McManus issued a statement, saying, "Our emergency personnel are well-trained in emergency preparedness and work closely with all local, state and federal agencies in the event of an emergency."

As more details emerge out of Boston, local officials will use that information to make any necessary changes to their safety plans.