Sequestration could affect San Antonio air travel

Possible cuts to TSA/FAA staff

Author: John Honore, Meteorologist,
Published On: Feb 27 2013 05:48:03 PM CST   Updated On: Feb 27 2013 10:20:45 PM CST
Sequester airport

With the sequestration scheduled to begin Friday, cuts to the staffs of the TSA and the FAA could affect air travel in the coming weeks.

Almost 20 regional and municipal airports across Texas -- including Stinson Field -- could see their air traffic control centers closed, according to the FAA.

How will cuts affect commercial air travel in San Antonio?

"We're waiting to see what their staffing levels are going to be like. What the furloughs look like. Until then, we really can't determine what is going to happen," said San Antonio International Airport spokesman Rich Johnson.

If there had to be just one word used to describe travelers' attitude toward the news, it would have to be "jaded."

"What you hear from Washington sometimes doesn't always match up with what really happens in reality here," said Kerrville resident Mark Nugent as he stood in line to get through security at Terminal A.

"I'm not concerned at all. I've seen these (TSA agents) operate. In my opinion, they're inefficient. So cutting the staff is probably a good thing, " said business traveler Dan Engmark, who was flying back to Dallas.

Given that by law, federal agencies have to give their employees 30 days notice before major schedule changes can occur, the lax attitude may be well founded.

That's more than enough time for a deal to be struck to stave off any potential cuts that would lead to delays.