The sound of holiday music and squeaky cart wheels filled the air at many local stores on Wednesday, where post-Christmas shoppers were greeted with signs reading "50 percent off" and "clearance."

Shopper Zane Williams liked what she saw.

"Oh, yes,” Williams said. “If there is some, I will definitely be taking advantage of that."

She was returning some fishing shirts at an Academy store on the northwest side.

There, tables were set up to help people quickly get through the return process.

Ron Springate was returning gifts as well.

"Well, we're returning a couple of Spurs shirts so we can go to the game tonight,” Springate said. “They basically were just the wrong size for a couple of the people in our family."

The store’s operations manager, K.C. Mitchell, said compared to previous years, however, there weren't that many returns.

"The returns are not as heavy as I anticipated so far,” Mitchell said. “That means a lot of people got what they wanted."

But he said many people were also there for the after Christmas sales, scooping up bargains they could not get earlier.

Despite the weak retail performance nationwide, Mitchell said the holiday season here was good and that shoppers were happier than the past few years.

The hot items today were coats, jackets, scarves and gloves.

"It's funny. With the cooler weather coming in, a lot of people are now looking for the outerwear,” Mitchell said. “That's why we're set up here and you'll see a lot of customers start shopping the outerwear."