Smithson Valley Middle School video goes viral

900 students line halls to record school spirit video

Author: David Sears, Reporter,
Published On: Dec 20 2012 06:15:22 PM CST

It was all about school spirit Tuesday at Smithson Valley Middle School.

The students came together to produce a unique video that involved the entire student body.

In the video, some 900 students lined the halls cheering and dancing as 17 of their classmates lipsynced a few lines to Katy Perry's hit "Firework".

"I didn't think it was going to happen at first, but then we started planning and I was like, 'OK' we are actually going to do this,'" said Kerrilee Berger, one of the performers.

Sixth-grade teacher Elizabeth Terry got the idea for the project from a summer workshop.

“Just a school spirit kind of thing," Terry said.

Terry and other teachers spent a few hours a couple of days a week for the last few weeks putting on the final touches. The principal gave them an hour to put them whole video together. It only took two takes for the 5-minute plus video to come together.

The kids said the hardest part was walking backwards.

"Your kind of like singing then, you're 'Oh know I hope someone doesn't trip me,'" said Garrett Egli, an eighth-grade performer.

The video will surely create plenty of and a way to connect the kids forever, not to mention some Internet popularity.

"I think it is really going to be a great way to keep our school spirit up," said Donald Snodgrass, an eighth-grade performer.

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