Day two of the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo started with the goat show and for the Meyers, of Spring Branch, the show is a family affair.

They all pitch in to make Diamond and Ruby -- the family's show goats -- look their best for the judges.

But when it comes to handling them in the ring, it's all up to 10-year-old Cole Meyer and 9-year-old Caleb Meyer.

"When they're first born, we've got to halter-train them, then we've got to chain-train them, then we've got to work with their legs," Cole said.

"If they're working good, then we normally just do it for five or 10 minutes. If they're jumping all over the place, then we do it for maybe 30," Caleb said.

The boys have been working with their goats since they were born last summer.

The boys' mom and little sister watched the show from the stands, but their dad, Chad Meyer, was a little more hands-on. He said the boys make the big decisions, like which goat they're most comfortable showing, but he still offered some words of wisdom before they entered the ring.

"I just told them the same points that we always go over in practice: Keeping their heads up, keeping their feet and legs square," Chad said.

He said his boys can't control what the judge thinks of their goats, but they can control how they show them.

They must have shown them pretty well, because Caleb and Ruby finished second and Cole and Diamond came in fifth.

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Images: Rodeo Goat Show

Published On: Feb 08 2013 12:15:29 PM CST

One of the highlights of Day Two of the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo was the goat show.

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