In October, the KSAT 12 Defenders investigative team shot hidden camera video of dancers at Endless Music on Highway 281 North with their nipples exposed.

That is against the law because the club is not licensed as a Sexually Oriented Business with the city.

The city investigated and cited the club for a live entertainment violation, but nothing on nudity.

Now the club is advertising a hottest stripper contest for Sunday with a $1,000 first prize and a celebrity judge.

San Antonio Christian Schools is less than a couple thousand feet away from the club and Superintendent Alan Axtell is appalled at what is going on there.

"The hottest stripper in San Antonio contest on a Sunday evening,” Axtell said. “Can you imagine that?"

He said students are not just on campus during the school day. They are also on campus after school when the wrong element may be coming to that club, he said.

Parent Pam Nolan said sports activities are just one reason.

"We have track meets that last through 8:30; we have football, basketball, parents and their children are traveling that road until sometimes late into the evening," Nolan said.

Earlier this month, a fight at the club spilled into the parking lot and ended with someone being shot in the chest.

The owner of Mulligan’s Bar next door, Chuck Bartsch, is fed up.

"My main concern is the safety of my patrons and the people that come to my bar,” Bartsch said. “You know they're scared to come over here because it's dangerous."

And with the club fighting city rules and the city unable to establish a pattern of violations, this fight could go on for a while.

"It just seems like there's no end to Endless Music. It's more like endless nuisance," Axtell said.

Councilwoman Elisa Chan's office has been in contact with the police investigating the club and said she wants to make sure the club is operating within the law.