Students shot with BB gun at Woodlake Elementary

Neither student seriously hurt in classroom incident; Judson ISD launches probe

Author: Paul Venema, Reporter,
Published On: Feb 27 2013 05:12:40 PM CST   Updated On: Feb 27 2013 06:06:13 PM CST

Two fourth-grade girls at Woodlake Elementary school were shot on Tuesday with what the Judson ISD spokesman said was an Air Soft BB gun.

The mother of one student said her daughter has been afraid to attend school since the shooting.

“She’s scared to come to school,” said Janet Gallardo.

Gallardo’s daughter Katalina, 10, and a classmate were shot during classes by another student. Neither was seriously hurt.

Gallardo said her daughter had received a threatening letter from the alleged shooter on Friday.

According to Judson ISD spokesman Steve Linscomb, two students have already been given a three-day suspension -- one for bringing the gun to school and the other for doing the actual shooting.

Linscomb said the district has launched an investigation that could result in both students being sent to alternative school.

“Any kind of gun or weapon taken to school will not be tolerated,” Linscomb said.

Gallardo said the shooting occurred in her daughter’s fourth-grade classroom with a teacher present.

“The teacher who was in the classroom didn’t even know there was a gun there nor did she know that my daughter had been shot,” she said. “The girl who did the shooting coughed and shot at the same time to cover up the noise from the shooting.”

Linscomb said a hearing will be held on Friday to determine what action should be taken.