Students visit rodeo for lesson in farming

Interactive Little Buckaroo Farms exhibit teaches about food sources

Published On: Feb 13 2012 03:31:24 PM CST   Updated On: Feb 13 2012 04:33:53 PM CST

Elementary students from across the city had a chance to skip class on Monday morning for a field trip to the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo.

They were there for a lesson in farming at the Little Buckaroo Farms Exhibit.

For most of the kids, the exhibit is the closest they've ever been to visiting a farm.

"You get to learn more stuff about animals," said 9-year-old Emily Castro.

"I'm learning about the plants, said 8-year-old Ruben Juarez

The goal of the exhibit is to show visitors where food comes from, how it's grown and how different animals play an important role.

"It basically is just for the kids to come, have a great time and learn what it is to farm and that the products that they actually eat are grown are real in some way that we often times don't think of," said Steve Alwais, rodeo spokesperson

The exhibit includes several interactive activities for the kids. The main attraction is a life-size plastic cow with udders. It's a tool to teach visitors how to milk a cow.

The children also get to see how chickens are hatched. Dozens of eggs are kept in an incubators and those with good timing get an extra treat.

"They get to see one born, right here at the rodeo," said Alwais.

The kids also had the chance to learn about wool, honey, and the work that goes into growing fruits and vegetables.

"They actually carry a bucket around, they get to pick up eggs, they get to pick up carrots they get to pick tomatoes and they get to turn those in and we give them treats for their work on the farm," said Alwais

"It's kind of fun over here," said 8-year-old Giovanni Contreras.

While, most of the kids probably won't have a future in farming, the hope is that they may have a new appreciation and understanding of the work that goes into it.

Little Buckaroo Farms is sponsored by HEB. It's open to the public throughout the Stock Show and Rodeo.