It has been a deadly week on San Antonio roadways. In just the past few days, three high school students have lost their lives in traffic accidents.

Two students from Brandeis High School were involved in a drag racing incident, and a student from Roosevelt High School died last night after not wearing a seat belt.

“It’s tragic,” said Charles Canales, who has taught driver’s education courses for more than 36 years. “My heart goes out to their families.”

Canales is one of the instructors at Central Park Driving School, where he hopes to teach teens everything they need to know before hitting the road.

“They have to understand that they are going to get behind a 3,000 pound lethal weapon,” Canales said. “They have a responsibility to themselves their passengers and other roadway users. That's the most important thing I can tell them.”

As for the teens who are learning to drive for the first time, safe driving is a priority, especially in light of recent tragedies.

“Watching kids our age dying from accidents is pretty tragic,” said Jonas Berkowitch, a student driver. “When I get my license I'm going to look out and be more careful when I drive."

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