Debra Edwards fought back tears on the witness stand Tuesday, testifying about finding her daughter’s lifeless body on the floor of her condominium.

Edwards testified she and her husband went to the home of her daughter, Dana Claire, late New Year’s Day, 2009, concerned because wasn’t answering her phone, and found her daughter upstairs, face down on the floor.

“She had a towel covering her head. I wanted to see her eyes, so I lifted the towel over her head and just looked at my baby,” Edwards said on the witness stand.

Edwards said her daughter and the suspect, John Thomas Ford, had broken up, but still socialized with mutual friends. 

Edwards testified she called Ford after her daughter’s death, and recalled that he “said nothing,” and asked no questions about what had happened.

Edwards also said Ford avoided eye contact with her when he and his parents came by their home to pay their respects, that his fingernails were trimmed unusually short, and that his fingers looked red and irritated.

Police arrested Ford on murder charges in 2010,  more than a year after Edwards’ death.