A teenager charged with murder in the stabbing death of his mother's boyfriend pleaded guilty on Tuesday.

"I kind of feel like relief," said the sister of the victim, Noe Gomez (pictured above). "I waited for this day for so long. I'm just glad it's over with and we can put all this behind us and start with our healing process

Gomez, 35, was stabbed to death in February outside a home on Glenwood Drive during a fight with his girlfriend's 15-year-old son.

Gomez's sister said while it was hard to face him in court and re-live the crime, she's glad to finally have some closure.

"Last night, when I went to bed, I prayed," Gomez's sister said. "I think I prayed more than I actually slept. I have wanted to do this for a long time and I just told God to give me the strength to go up there and actually talk to him and face him."

The suspect's name has not been released because he is a minor.

He received 20 years for the crime.

He will serve three years in juvenile detention. After that, he'll be eligible for probation or he could be transferred to an adult facility.