Texas lawmakers respond to Gov. Perry's Medicaid decision

Published On: Jul 09 2012 03:12:19 PM CDT

Texas Sen. Leticia Van de Putte:

 "Governor Perry's decision this morning is unfortunate, but not unexpected. Sadly, too many of my colleagues believe that blocking access to health care security will somehow lead our people to prosperity. While the leadership in Texas continues to stick its head in the sand, six million people — nearly a quarter of our population — struggle on without health insurance. Thankfully, the Obama Administration will help out by crafting an insurance exchange for us, but we've missed an opportunity to have an exchange crafted by Texans for Texas, and to extend Medicaid to working Texans who desperately need it."

U.S. Congressman Lloyd Doggett:

“Having once talked about Texas’ right to secede, Governor Perry’s move to secede from health insurance reform is not surprising, but it is disgraceful.  He is only trying to protect his Big Insurance buddies and deny millions of working Texans access to an insurance marketplace similar to the one through which he once obtained his own health insurance.  And his refusal of billions of federal dollars is more of the same—a narrow-minded policy, which denies our most economically disadvantaged neighbors access to a family doctor and denies many employers a more healthy workforce. Fortunately, we have a federal path around his mean-spirited obstructionism.”