BOERNE, Texas -

For some Boerne residents its obvious where to get dessert for Thanksgiving dinner

"It's Bumdoodlers! It's where you get the pie. This is the good stuff here," said Boerne resident Mike Nickel.

Every year for 30 years, Bumdoodlers Sandwich Shop bakes hundreds of pies just a few days before Thanksgiving.

They make so many that their tiny shop can't store them all. So they rent a refrigerated trailer to store them in.

"So many people come back every single year that have been coming for a long time, and they just expect it, and every year, there are just more and more than before that come," said Jana Bezet, owner of Bumdoodlers.

"They have the best pies in town," said Boerne resident Christie Ashley. "My mother-in-law requested that I bring a chocolate pie for Thanksgiving. So of course I called and ordered and wanted to make sure I had mine in."

This year, they cranked out more than 1,100 pies -- a new record for them.

While it's too late to pick one up this year, there is little chance the tradition will die any time soon.

"How can you start something and then just quit?" Bezet said. "I think there would be riots if we quit making them."