A man who had his trailer stolen from a hotel in Schertz managed to locate it because he says the suspect used his stolen credit card to pay their utility bill.

Brett Siewert was staying at the Atrium Inn when his trailer was stolen from the parking lot.

Siewert says the trailer has electrical equipment worth about $15,000, but his credit card was inside as well.

Siewert checked the card's history and discovered the suspect had used it.

"These people apparently thought it was a good idea to use their credit card to pay their utility bills, so as soon I got my truck up and running, I came over here to this address and there was my trailer in the driveway," Siewert said.

Siewert said the trailer was at a home in the 5500 block of Wildflower off Bandera Road.

Siewert said he had to go to the location by himself because he was told officers would not be able to make it to the home until next week.

Once he located the trailer, he said police showed up to the home and took two people in for questioning.

Siewert said a few items were missing from the trailer after it was recovered.