When thieves broke into Emosha Bryant's garage, they took more than just valuables.

"Ten years is a long time to do in the military; you go through so much, good and bad, and it's just memories you can't get back," said Emosha Bryant, describing her time in the Army as an administrative assistant and a combat medic.

Now, all Bryant has left to show for service is a pair of combat boots.

"I had a suitcase in my garage that had all of my military documents in it," said Bryant. "They had my awards, my medals, and things like that. They took the whole suitcase."

The suitcase was stolen by thieves out of Bryant's new garage on Oct. 15. A single mother, she had only been in the home two weeks and was still unpacking when the thieves struck. Bryant said the burglars were able to break into the garage despite it being closed. According to Bryant, police believe it could have been opened using a universal remote.

In addition to her military documents, the thieves also managed to grab suitcases that contained other valuables including Bryant's driver's license, checkbook, debit cards and credit cards.

The thieves never made it past the garage, but managed to steal valuables along with Bryant's sense of security.

"I've been late to work for the last week since that happened, because I will not leave my kids home by themselves," said Bryant.

Meanwhile, Bryant has installed extra security and is putting out one final plea for her stolen suitcase.

"That was my military career," she said. "I won't ask any questions, I won't turn anybody in, I just want that back."