A scary new trend has criminals breaking into your home, while you're in the backyard the whole time. Criminals are impersonating everyday workers in order to distract you and steal your stuff.

"She had it stolen -- $15,000 in cash -- and that's a great deal of money for a retired person," said Dan Martinez, chairman emeritus of the San Antonio Crime Coalition.

Martinez said the woman had opened her door to two men who claimed to be CPS Energy employees.

One asked her to go around back to look at something, to "lure her away from her house," her insurance agent said in an email. 

Meanwhile, back in front, the other crook went into her house, searching until he found a safe with $15,000 inside.

"We need to alert the community throughout the city that this is happening," said Martinez.

He had heard of several other similar thefts, all resulting in lost cash and stunned victims.

"You don't need to let them into your house, and you need to turn them away," said Martinez, of CPS workers who look suspicious.

As in so many other crimes, the key to prevention is keeping your guard up.

This type of issue is happening often enough that CPS Energy will address the crimes next week, telling people exactly what to look for when their representatives come to the door.