Tidying-tools can manage messes

Consumer Reports looks at clutter-cleaning products

Published On: Jan 10 2013 05:26:13 PM CST   Updated On: Jan 10 2013 06:05:57 PM CST

If  your house has toys strewn all over floor, dressers with overflowing clothes and kitchen drawers stuffed with clutter, professional organizers say tidying tools can help manage the messes.


Consumer Reports checked out a few of them.


The DrawerDecor System for $26 holds utensils in place in a kitchen drawer.


The Grid-It is a case that organizers a traveler's phones, cameras and cords.  Various sizes are priced from $10 to $50.


The Pliio System is a clothing filing system for drawers.  It allows you to pull one shirt out of  stack without mussing the pile.


The Lay-n-Go play mat for $65 handles toys.  The children play on the mat, and when they are done, you pull the drawstring on the mat and all of the little Legos or Barbie trinkets are gathered up in a tidy pouch.