TILDEN, Texas -

As part of the United States Postal Services "POST Plan" to deal with its financial troubles, the hours of operation at the Tilden Post Office are being trimmed to six hours a day.

"This is the only post office in the whole county," said McMullen County resident Mary Ann Wheeler. "So it has to have all kinds of hours."

USPS officials say the hourly realignment is needed because they are losing $25 million a day nationally.

During a town meeting on Tuesday, Daniel Reyes of USPS explained that although residents had received a survey asking what hours of operation they preferred, plans were already in place to realign the hours of operation at the post office.

The hours will go into effect in about a month, Reyes said.

"We don't feel like the hours should be trimmed," said McMullen County Judge Jim Teal. "We think that there's enough business to keep our post office active and going."

Teal said the town's growing population as a result of the oil industry coupled with the fact that Tilden is the county seat justifies maintaining the full hours operation at the post office.

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