Tilden gets much-needed traffic light

Author: David Sears, Reporter, dsears@ksat.com
Published On: Feb 08 2013 05:19:09 PM CST
TILDEN, Texas -

The small of Tilden, Texas, located right in the heart of the Eagle Ford shale play, is celebrating. 

They didn’t hit a gusher, though. It's something a little more simple.

They got a new traffic light downtown.

The Texas Department of Transportation replaced the blinking yellow light at the corner of Highway 16 and East Highway 72 with a full-fledged traffic signal.

"I was a little skeptical at first, but it does move the traffic out a lot better,” said 53-year-old Warren Wheeler, who said he has lived his entire life in Tilden.

“It does control the traffic,” said Bernie Guerrero, chief deputy of McMullen County.

It has also given some relief to the Tilden schools. 

The Kindergarten through 12th-grade buildings are on Highway 16 just south of the intersection. 

Before the light was installed, traffic got so bad they had to cut the 7th- and 8th-graders' off-campus privileges. 

Now that there is a light, there is still concern -- but just a little less.

“Sometimes the students would be on the side of the road (and) we would see the traffic slowing down before they would not,” said Rosie Cavazos, district principal.

Even with all the excitement about the light helping control the traffic, there is still some adjusting for the locals.

“We tell them there is a red light you just went through. They're like, 'Where?'" Guerrero said.

“You're waving at your friend over on the corner and you do forget there is a red light,” said Wheeler.

There is actually two lights now. Before the light in town went into the service, the Texas Department of Transportation installed one a couple of miles north at WH72.