For some San Antonio drivers, it's hard enough to follow traffic signs they see. But even when there are not any traffic signs, there are still rules to follow.

San Antonio Police Officer Marcus Trujillo spoke to KSAT and discussed how traffic laws should be followed even when no sign is present.

"If your on the access road then yield the right-of-way," Officer Trujillo said. That means all access roads, with or even without a yield sign.  

"In this case, we have no yield sign, however, that rule still applies," Officer Trujillo said.

It applies, but not all the time for some drivers. "When vehicles are exiting the highway they have priority over vehicles on the access road," Officer Trujillo said.

That doesn't mean they can take advantage of that priority. "We've also had a couple of people crossing the white double line that are exiting the highway in order to try and make it into this parking lot," Officer Trujillo said.

This area can get pretty expensive for drivers who don't know the law. If you cross the double white line into the an access road lane, and still don't yield for people in the exit lane, that's two violations.

"A lot of it has to do with people in a hurry they are not paying attention and they are just being discourteous to the other drivers," Officer Trujillo said.