Town fights crime through community involvement

Olmos Park relying on community policing

Author: Matt Rivers, Video Journalist,
Published On: Jul 05 2012 06:06:54 PM CDT   Updated On: Jul 05 2012 06:48:48 PM CDT

Small towns mean small police departments, and subsequently, not a lot of officers.

In places like Olmos Park, it's the community as a whole that plays a big role in preventing crime.

"That's part of our mission in community policing is to keep our residents informed about what's going on," said Olmos Park police Sgt. Will Huffmeyer.

The department sends out newsletters via email every week, telling recipients about the past week in crime, and giving them prevention tips.

The department also puts crimes maps on their website every month, giving residents a visual reference to see where crimes happen in their community.

But police said it's not just about keeping the public informed. It's also about helping police solve crimes as well.

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