A truck hit an 18-month-old at a San Antonio car wash, said police.

It happened at a car was in the 900 block of Cincinnati on Saturday afternoon.

San Antonio police said the boy was in front of the truck, and the boy's aunt accidentally hit the accelerator instead of the brake, hitting the boy.

Police said the boy was seriously injured and taken to University Hospital. He was listed in critical condition.

Leroy Vasquez said he heard a crash and then saw a woman screaming hysterically and carrying a baby.

Vasquez said he tried to help by holding the baby's head up, but he said that the baby was not crying and that he wasn't responsive.

Vasquez said the baby coughed a few times and that he was bleeding from the head.

"It's a bad, bad accident," said Vasquez. "It's a little child. You could see the blood on the floor. I thought he was wearing a little cowboy hat and I think they were going to wash the truck and it was just a tragic accident."

Police said the accident is under investigation and that it does not appear that any charges will be filed.