Valentine's Day murder suspect arrested

19-year-old DeVante Jackson proclaims innocence in shooting

Author: Tim Gerber , Reporter,
Published On: Feb 18 2013 04:30:55 PM CST   Updated On: Feb 18 2013 05:16:39 PM CST

San Antonio police announced the arrest of a murder suspect Monday for his alleged involvement in a fatal shooting that occurred on Valentine’s Day.

Police had been searching for 19-year-old DeVante Jackson since last Thursday when 27-year-old Anthony Melvin was shot inside a garage on the east side.

Investigators believe Jackson and at least three other suspects showed up at the home, located in the 2600 Block of Corian Glen, around 3 p.m.

Investigators said the men went inside the garage with Melvin just before gunshots were heard by witnesses outside.

Melvin was hit at least once in the hip.

According to the police report, Melvin kept repeating that he "was set up" as witnesses tried to stop the bleeding from his gunshot wound.

Melvin was taken to SAMMC, where he later died.

Investigators found several bullet casings on the garage floor and recovered several guns and magazine clips from the home.

While the police report indicates Melvin might have known his killers, Jackson said he didn't know the man he's now accused of killing.

Police have not yet said what the motive for the shooting was or what Jackson's role was in the slaying.