The family of the man who was killed in a hit-and-run accident over the weekend is asking for justice.

Alejandro Nieves, 41, was struck and killed just after 2 a.m. Sunday morning at the Roland Avenue exit off of Interstate 10.

"He was trying to get off the ramp," said Rosie DeLuna, the wife of the victim. "But, he couldn't."

DeLuna witnessed the accident on Sunday morning and said she could still picture Nieves getting hit by a truck and seeing the driver speed away.

"I hope they catch them because they don't have to be so mean and leave him there," said DeLuna. "Maybe he could have lived."

DeLuna said Nieves had just gotten off work at a restaurant and was headed home when he started having car trouble.

She said he pulled over to the side of the exit ramp off of I-10 and called for help.

When DeLuna and her daughter got there, they parked behind him and watched him lock his car door. That was the last time they saw him alive.

"He was a good man," said DeLuna. "He tried to help everybody and if he couldn't, he would see if he could find a way."

DeLuna said it's been extremely difficult knowing that her husband is gone and she wants whoever did this to him to come forward.

"I want you to go to prison," she said. "Let your family feel my pain."

As of Sunday night, police were still looking for the hit-and-run driver.

DeLuna said whoever hit Nieves was driving a white Ford pick-up truck with tinted windows.

If you have any information, you are asked to call Crime Stoppers at 224-STOP.

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