The Wilson County Sheriff's Department is looking into a case of animal cruelty after seven puppies were tossed from a moving truck.

It happened on Tuesday just south of Floresville on County Road 304.

"I just don't see how anybody could do that to an innocent puppy or puppies," said Kristen Martinez, who witnessed the incident.

Martinez said she was driving to her mother's house in Floresville when she saw the driver in front of her toss out a bag.

"We're used to seeing people throw out trash on the side of the road," said Martinez. "He happened to throw out a 50-pound dog food bag and it looked heavy. When he was throwing it out, something black rolled out and that happened to be one of the puppies."

There were seven puppies. Martinez, who was traveling right behind the man in truck, struck one of them.

Martinez said she had her young son in the car with her and that he started screaming when she hit the puppy.

She said she stopped right away to help the puppies and that six out of the seven survived.

"It sucks that I didn't get the license plate number or anything," she said. "All I know is that it was a white truck."

However, after posting pictures of the puppies on Facebook, in less than 24 hours, she found all six puppies a home.

Floresville Police Officer Robert Gonzalez adopted one of them.

"It is a Class A misdemeanor to do that, animal cruelty and they also abandoned the dogs," said Gonzalez. "We would love to prosecute the people. This is no way to treat animals."

Witnesses said the driver was in a white Chevrolet pick-up truck. Anyone with information is asked to call the Wilson County Sheriff's Department at (830) 393-2535.