Women all over San Antonio dressed in red Friday for the 10th-annual Go Red Day. 

The special day was created to bring attention to heart disease, the No. 1 killer of women.

The day also kicks off the National Heart Association's month of awareness.

In conjunction, a summit was held in San Antonio Friday to bring women together. One of those in attendance was heart failure survivor Salina Rivera.

“I was very scared," she said. "It happened so suddenly, I went from a kindergarten teacher one month to congestive heart failure to the ICU the next month, to being told I had six months to live."

She said she suffered the condition when she was only 29.

Salina, now 35, did not have a heart transplant to take care of her congestive heart failure.

Instead, doctors put in an experimental pump, which helped heal her heart. 

The pump has since been removed and with exercise and diet, she feels great.

"I feel wonderful. I feel full of life (and) so excited to be here," Rivera said.

The summit was about awareness and education. One thing attendants learned is that beef is not bad.

"People have this misconception of beef that it’s not healthy and we get such a bad rap," said Chef Tiffany Blackmon, with the Texas Beef Council.

The council has teamed up with the American Heart Association to help educate people on beef and a heart-healthy diet.

Blackmon was on hand for cooking demonstrations with beef.

”There are 29 cuts of lean beef,” said Blackmon. "You have to combine beef with a healthy lifestyle.”