The upcoming changes for CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Hospital could mean a premiere children's hospital in downtown San Antonio, but not everyone is excited.

A number of employees have voiced their concerns over their jobs when the downtown campus makes the transition to the Children's Hospital of San Antonio.

Hospital officials said they have held a number of town hall style meetings to inform employees of the upcoming changes and address their concerns.

Officials say current medical staff will have a number of opportunities to stay with CHRISTUS Santa Rosa.

That includes staying at the new children's hospital or transferring to any of CHRISTUS Santa Rosa's satellite hospitals in the area.

"We will work diligently to be able to place them within our health system, and also provide them with the skills and tools that they need to be able to placed within our particular region and  also outside of our region within Christus South, which is our parent company," Jerry Rodriguez, CHRISTUS Santa Rosa VP of Administration.

Rodriguez says the hospital is moving toward a six month transition plan.

Current medical staff could be moved to other hospitals, emergency centers, ambulatory surgery centers, or into the new children's facility if they are qualified.