Wounded warrior marries

Staff sergeant injured in Iraq

Author: Jennifer Dodd , Reporter, jdodd@ksat.com
Published On: May 19 2012 03:32:55 PM CDT   Updated On: May 19 2012 07:15:04 PM CDT

For Staff Sgt. Keith Buckmon, a wounded warrior, the path to happily ever after sometimes felt impossible.

"It's been a journey. A lot of people have come together to help us get to where we are today and support us," Buckmon said.

Marine Staff Sgt. Keith Buckmon met the now Mrs. Damaris Buckmon in 2007. One year later, he was injured in Iraq; he lost both his legs.

His wife remembers the day she received that call.

"Just getting the news was really hard, that he had gotten hurt. You just automatically think the worst," Mrs. Buckmon said.

Doctors were able to rebuild his legs but the next few years were a test.

"Seeing him, a grown man, learning from scratch, how to walk was hard," Mrs. Buckmon said.

Now, thanks to a lot of physical therapy and even more love and support from his bride, Buckmon can once again use his legs and on Military Appreciation Day, he stood strong, next the woman who has been his rock, and said his vows.