Zoning battle put on hold

Battle over rezoning Pecan Valley continues

Author: Jennifer Dodd , Reporter, jdodd@ksat.com
Published On: Feb 16 2012 06:46:46 PM CST   Updated On: Feb 16 2012 06:49:27 PM CST
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Two rezoning attempts went before city council Thursday.

The requests, which usually come from businesses, came from council members.

One rezoning request, from Councilwoman Leticia Ozuna, aimed at keeping developers from turning the now shut down 18-hole historic golf course, Pecan Valley, from being turned into a 9-hole course for handicapped individuals.

Bill Kaufman, an attorney representing the course said he's never seen a City Councilmember take this sort of action.

"Attempting to require a property owner to operate a golf course that's dysfunctional, no I've never had that happen," Kaufman said.

Council member Ozuna attributed her move to what she called a pattern of not disclosing information by the developer.

"The passion you see on behalf of the neighborhood association reflects a pattern of not being informed," councilwoman Ozuna said.

After nearly two hours of public comment, City Council voted to wait 45 days to vote on the issue, putting it on the June 7th agenda.