Kevin Wolff, a Bexar County commissioner and chairman of the board of directors for the Alamo Area Council of Governments, said AACOG will press on despite the suspension of the organization’s top two employees.

"We're going to fix this," Wolff said. "We're on the job. We're going to get things cleaned up (and) we're going to make it better."

Wolff spoke a day after the AACOG board voted to place Executive Director Dean Danos and Deputy Executive Director Mike Quinn on paid leave.

Wolff said the action came after AACOG spent $50,000 to refurbish several thousand square feet of office space in the AACOG building.

Eighteen months ago, he said, a group called the TriHM Foundation was supposed to move in to that space and bring millions in grant money to AACOG.

That never happened and the lease was never paid.

"It's over a year and a half old,” Wolff said. “There have been no lease payments. That's like $160,000. Every explanation given was not good enough to convince the board to not take the action that it did. Whether it was intentional or just bad management practices we don't really know yet."

Now an investigation is being launched into the relationship between Danos and Quinn and the foundation, which is run by Jackqueline Cooper.

On the TriHM website, Cooper urges people to "take the limits off of GOD and watch HIM blow your mind!!"

Wolff's biggest fear is that this will give AACOG a black eye, especially if criminal charges are filed.

The Texas Rangers have already paid AACOG a visit and the Department of Public Safety is interested as well.

Sgt. Jason Reyes of the DPS wrote in a statement: "We are currently conducting a limited inquiry to determine if a criminal investigation is warranted."

Wolff said there may have been some red flags with TriHM earlier.

"We'll keep moving down the line. I hope that this is as bad as it gets," he said.

The acting executive director is Jeri Rainey-Hinojosa, who is AACOG's chief financial officer and is in charge of administering programs in a 13-county region.

The acting deputy executive director is Tim Trevino, who is the senior director of strategic planning and agency communication.