Fondly named Gina, the only puppy of two to survive after being found tied up inside garbage bags on the side of the road, ended up very sick with the Parvovirus.

Now, two weeks later, she's up and about and looking for a loving home.

Gina may only be four months old, but she's already developed a strong will to live. Not only did she survive Parvo, but a bout with pneumonia.

Her foster mom, Tami Kalick, said, “(Like) all puppies, she plays hard, she sleeps harder; she eats and snuggles."

But Gina was one of the lucky ones who survived the highly contagious and dangerous Parvovirus. 

She was treated at San Antonio Pets Alive! shelter, in their Parvo ward. 

Gina now has a clean bill of health. But the medical clinic manager says each year, between 500 to 600 pets come in to their shelter with Parvo.

"Parvo is very contagious it does live in the ground and for a very long time, it is very resilient, so when it rains, it gets spread," said Gabriella Uresti, the medical clinic manager.

But with proper vaccinations at an early age, or if Parvo is caught early in the animal like it was in Gina, survival is high. 

Gina's foster mom can't believe the improvement she's seen in her in just a short period of time. 

And despite what she's been through, she says Gina just loves to be around humans.

“She wants to see you, she wants to know you're there, and that she's not being left," said Tami Kalick.

Animal Care Services investigators continue to pursue animal cruelty charges on the owner of Gina and her brother that were abandoned in garbage bags.

Gina loves to be around other dogs, loves kids, and tolerates cats. 

If you're interested in Gina, just send an email to  or, if you'd like to be a volunteer at San Antonio Pets Alive!, just go their website.

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Images: Discarded pup on the mend

Published On: Jul 23 2013 03:30:31 PM CDT

Gina, a dog that was found in a garbage bag a few weeks ago, is doing much better these days while she recovers from parvo.

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