The Alamo city is a candidate to become a Google Fiber city, but what does it mean and what’s the benefit?

The city’s Chief Technology Officer, Hugh Miller, explained.

"The average that we receive in the city is around 16 mb per second, so were talking 60 times the speed,” said Miller.

The upgrade in speed isn’t just handed out though. Google has made some requests which includes a few land lease areas on city property to store equipment.

“And Google has asked that when they deploy this it's a very fast desired deployment that we have the ability to handle those permits in a fast way,” Miller said.

The city already has several items in place.

CPS Energy owns 86 percent of the poles through the city, which means they’ll work with Google to hash out an agreement for access to the poles.

"The infrastructure is very important for the expedient deployment of fiber throughout the city,” said Miller.

Miller believes the city will be Google Fiber-ready in the next two months. He expects to have an answer from Google by the end of the year.