Dozens of World War II veterans received a hero's welcome at San Antonio International Airport Sunday as they returned home from the 8th Alamo Honor Flight.

The all expenses paid trip gives veterans the chance to visit several national monuments and war memorials in Washington D.C.

The group left Friday and its first stop was to the World War II Memorial early Saturday morning.

Joe Glawson said the trip was the chance of a lifetime, and was shocked to see the very battle he fought in etched on the memorial’s wall.

"The World War II Memorial had printed on the wall 'Battle of Hürtgen Forest and I was wounded in Hürtgen Forest,'" said Glawson. "It was a nice trip. Everything was fabulous."

From there, the group went on a day-long whirlwind tour of the nation's capital.

"We usually go to the Air force Memorial, the Navy Yard, also the Vietnam wall, the Korean War Memorial, and the Lincoln monument," said Alamo Honor Flight President Tracy Huff. "After that, we run over to Arlington National Cemetery and we visit the Tomb of the Unknown Solider, and we present a wreath."

As the group left their plane and made their way through the airport, dozens of friends and family members decked out in red, white and blue stood and applauded.

For marine corps veteran Frank Pantuso, the warm welcome was similar to the one he received nearly 70 years ago when he returned home from the war.

"For us to have them here and to show their appreciation like they did was more than I thought was possible," said Pantuso.

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