A man is accused of drunken driving and crashing into a homeowner's newly rebuilt fence on the far South Side.

The accident occurred around 11 p.m. Wednesday at a home in the 9300 block of Old Corpus Christi Highway.

"You hear them every time. It's like an explosion. It's like a huge explosion that we hear," said Cindy Gomez.

She said her fence had been repaired a dozen times in the last 20 years.

"My husband and I work very hard to keep this property up, and everybody else is tearing it up, and nothing's getting done," Gomez said.

Her house is on a city-maintained street, but it is only feet away from the Loop 410 access road that the Texas Department of Transportation maintains.

She recently sent an email to TxDOT and to an aide in CouncilwomanRebecca Viagran's office, spelling out how she wants the problem fixed.

"Light the place, first of all. Light it up out here. Light it up so that people can see this is a dead-end. I want guardrails out here to protect people, so that they're not running into my property. I'd like speed limit signs," she said. "I want people to answer my letters. They don't even answer my emails. I get no response at all."

After KSAT contacted TxDOT, someone with the department met with Gomez Thursday morning and promised help with the section of road the department maintains.

Viagran's office said unfortunately Gomez sent an email to a staffer who is no longer with the office. Now that KSAT brought it to their attention, they promise to follow up with Gomez.