On his 670-mile bike ride, Carlos Gutierrez rode into the Alamo City Thursday as he makes his way to Austin to rally at the state capitol to shine a light on the dark side of violence and corruption in Mexico.

His journey began in El Paso.

In 2011, Gutierrez says members of a Mexican drug cartel cut off both his feet and left him to die because he could not afford to pay them $10,000 a month from his business.

His bike riding mission is called “Pedaling for Justice.”

“This ride has been of faith and hope because there’s a lot of Mexicans that find themselves in the same situation I am in,” Gutierrez said through an interpreter.

Gutierrez was joined by members of the El Paso based group “Mexicans in Exile” during a demonstration in front of the Mexican Consulate downtown.

On Friday, he will continue on to Austin, where a much larger rally is planned.

“No matter what type of disability you have, it’s all mental,” said Gutierrez. “So as long as you overcome them in your head, you’re able to do anything.”

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