Not every driver has the discipline to ignore a ringing or dinging cell phone.  Now major cell phone carriers offer free apps for Androids that are designed to shut out distractions.

Distracted driving is something Amanda Kloehr is on a mission to warn people about.

Four years ago, she  was nearly killed when she slammed her car into the back of a tractor trailer because she was distracted. She said she often talked and texted while driving.

"I was in the hospital for two months straight, and then when they finally discharged me, I was still in and out of surgery for literally over two years after I got out," 24-year-old Kloehr said. "It's changed my life forever. I have pain every single day. It's not something that will ever go away."

Now, she keeps her phone in the back seat, far from reach.

Cell phone carriers offer another solution: free apps for Androids that inactivate most of the phone while you're driving.

Consumer Reports checked out Sprint's "Drive First," Verizon's "Safely Go" and "DriveMode" from AT&T.

All three blocked the texts as promised and sent back an automatic reply which can be customized to say something like, "I'm driving now, I'll respond when I can."

The apps can also limit incoming calls to a short list of people you designate.

With the Verizon app, you turn it on each time you're about to drive. The others activate automatically.

"So, once you're going a certain speed, AT&T it's 25 miles per hour and Sprint is ten miles per hour, you don't have to think about it," said Liza Barth with Consumer Reports.

Sprint also offers a website where parents can monitor what their teen is doing with their phone while driving.

While testers found the apps did work, they found some shortcomings like ease of setup and time to deactivate.  Still, Consumer Reports found they are a step in the right direction.