Arian Foster's attorney filed a defamation lawsuit against Brittany Norwood Tuesday morning after a series of what he says are slandering comments. Now a gag order has been issued in the case.

"The counter claim that was filed today (Tuesday) is essentially one grounded in both slander and extortion, if you will," KPRC-TV Legal Analyst Brian Wice explained.

This case gained national attention last week when the 20-year-old Norwood, who says she is carrying Foster's baby, filed a lawsuit against the running back saying he caused her emotional distress. Foster is married and has two children with his wife.

According to Norwood's attorney, Foster told her to abort the baby and harassed her with text messages.

One text, sent to KPRC by Norwood's attorney, read "We can’t bring life into the world under these circumstances.”

Wice says, "The claims that Ms. Norwood and her attorneys have made allegations without regard to whether they are false."

Meanwhile in court Tuesday, the judge in the case kept referring to Foster's two children and the child Norwood is carrying, saying "the kid’s best interest must remain the focus."

After the hearing, Wice said, "When they walked out today, Foster's lawyers were the big winners."