September 19 is known around the Internet as "Talk Like a Pirate Day." It's a fun holiday when you'll find some of the unlikeliest people taking on a pirate persona for the day.

According to the "holiday's" official website, it all started back in 2002 after columnist Dave Barry wrote a column about the crusade by two friends, John Baur and Mark Summers, to designate Sept. 19 as the day when everyone should talk like a pirate, just for fun.

Want to get started? First, you'll need a pirate name. This Pirate Name Generator re-branded me as Pirate Marie the Fashionably Late, but you might have better luck finding a tough pirate moniker.

To really get into the pirate spirit, you can change your Facebook language to "Pirate." Scroll all the way to the bottom of Facebook until you see "English" (or the language you're currently using), then click on the link and choose "English - Pirate" from the menu. By the way, out of our more than 89,000 fans on Facebook, 24 people already have their language set to "Pirate."

If you need some help translating your own words into pirate speak, this Speak Pirate translator can help. Just type (or copy and paste) text into the box, and click "Translate THIS you scurvy dog!" Just want a few good one-liners? Check out the Talk Like A Pirate Quote Generator from Hero Digital.

Don't have time to pick up a pirate costume? Download iArrPirate for iOS, and trick yourself out with hats, bandannas, eyepatches and even the beard of Captain Jack Sparrow. Android-based buccaneers can try out Make Me A Pirate, another photo app with fun, gruesome effects and somewhat realistic looking facial hair.

There are actually a few freebies you can get for Talk Like a Pirate Day. Krispy Kreme Doughnuts is offering a free Original Glazed doughnut as booty when you talk like a pirate - and if you dare to dress up in full pirate garb, you can get a bounty of a dozen Original Glazed doughnuts. (They even offer a printable eyepatch to get you started.) Long John Silver's will also give you a free piece of fish when you order like a pirate.

Need more pirate inspiration? Click on our Talk Like a Pirate Day Pinterest board. And if you are brave enough to get in the pirate spirit, take a photo and post it to Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #ksatpirate, or share it with us on our Facebook wall.