A baby boy found dead inside a duffel bag at a local recycling center will soon get a proper burial. 

The baby's mother, Nidia Alvardo, 25, who is also the person authorities say is responsible for his death, signed over her responsibility of the child.

Alvardo is currently facing capital murder charges.

"They said that the mom was then going to have to give her consent for us to be able too bury the baby," said Pamela Allen who met with the baby's mother and helped raise money for his funeral. 

It was a month-long process that ended with a face-to-face meeting between Pamela Allen and Alvarado.

"I saw a little girl that looked so lost and it was disturbing at first," Allen said.
"It was disturbing because I know what she did and it just impacted a whole city."

Allen first learned of the baby's death through the news. 

She tells us she knew she had to get involved.

"I told her I don't understand but I know God still loves you and the moment she heard that, that was very hard for her. She seemed very shamed," said Allen.

Allen and countless others around the city grouped together to donate and raise $4,000.

The money raised was use to pay for funeral services' and a plot.

The medical examiner will notify Allen tomorrow when the baby will be released. 

Funeral details will follow.