An "As-Seen-On-TV" product called the Original Bacon Wave claims to perfectly cook crispy and tasty bacon in your microwave.

The $10 product is a microwaveable plastic tray that remains cool to the touch.

To use it, you place up to 14 strips of bacon, fatty side up, between the slots. Skewers are then poked through each end of the bacon to hold it up out of the grease while it cooks.  

The packaging claims "less fat, less grease, less calories and less cholesterol." It also promises "frying pan taste without the frying pan."

Four slices took about three minutes to cook, though the times can be adjusted to suit individual tastes.

Testers thought the bacon was quite tasty and less greasy, compared to pan-fried bacon.

However, simply microwaving the bacon between paper towels yielded similar results.

The Original Bacon Wave is available online and at Walgreens.

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