It has been two months since 28-year-old Sharon Ledesma’s shocking accident, but her surviving children will have a bit of holiday cheer nonetheless through the generosity and thoughtfulness of the Balcones Heights Police Department.

Chief Henry Dominguez is gathering up toys and donations to help all three get through this first year without their mother.

Ledesma, a single mother of three, was crossing the street in the 2900 block of Culebra to drop off her children at their grandmother’s house, when a car changed lanes and barreled toward the children.

In the crucial seconds before impact, she pushed her two older children out of the car’s path, but suffered life-threatening injuries herself.

She died the next day at the hospital. Her children suffered broken bones but survived.

The story gets more difficult for the children. Their father is incarcerated, so their care has been suddenly left to their grandmother.

There are medical bills to pay and sorrow to overcome.

And even though the accident did not occur in Balcones Heights, the police chief was so touched, he said he wanted to help.

Dominguez said, “It was Sharon's generosity. As a mother, she protects her children. She gave her life for her children, but then in her death, she also saved five other people by donating her organs. We thought that is so unique, so special, that there as to be some good come out of it.”

The department has been collecting toys and monetary donations to help.

"We've gotten very good response. A lot of people want to participate. A lot of people feel sympathetic to the family and the children knowing what they are going through and want to help them get through this first Christmas without their mom, " he said.

There has been an outpouring of support.

Donations have been arriving at the Balcones Heights Justice Center, which will continue to accept gifts through Wednesday.

On Saturday, a private ceremony will take place with the family.

The chief says it’s a small replacement for a mother who gave her life for theirs, but the 11- and 3-year-old boys and 9-year-old girl at the center of this tragedy may get some happiness from their efforts to sponsor the family during the holidays.

The city’s annual Christmas Parade is also this week, and donations for underprivileged children are also being accepted at the Justice Center.

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