A bat invasion is forcing Lackland AFB to take some serious steps to fight potential rabies cases.

Lackland announced Sunday bats have been seen in a dorm building on the base.

That building houses more than 300 basic trainees.

Lackland says it has captured a bat and is testing it. They are believed to be Mexican free-tailed bats.

That species is common to the San Antonio area and Lackland says the bats are known to be potential rabies carriers.

Lackland says while no trainees have reported being bitten by bats, about 200 personnel will be given rabies shots as a precaution.

The base says the rabies vaccine is 100 percent effective when given prior to the onset of symptoms.

Lackland says it does not consider the bats presence to be a major issue, but is issuing the rabies shots as a precaution.